VHS to Digital Conversion 

Have a shelf full of memories recorded on VHS tape but no way to play them?

We can transfer them for you onto DVD, or generate Quicktime media files ready to be edited and/or shared via the Internet.

Can the video quality be improved at all?

While the image resolution and clarity cannot be materially increased beyond what was originally recorded, we do offer optional color correction, image stabilization, editing, graphics, format conversion, and audio sweetening services to make your footage look and sound as good as possible.  Results may vary, of course, depending on the quality of the original recording.

If a videocassette has been stored horizontally rather than vertically, the weight of the iron oxide coating can, over time, crumple the edge of the recording medium.  This often manifests as "flagging" -- i.e. fluttering at the top or bottom of a television screen when the recording is played back.  While that and other forms of tape damage are unlikely to be eliminated entirely, we do feed the video signal through a "time base corrector" during the digitization process, which can help reduce image distortion.

Can formats other than VHS be converted?

At present, we do not have the capability to play back other home video formats, such as Betamax or 8mm tape.  However, if you're able to supply us with a working player or camcorder of the requisite type we should be able to transfer your footage.

Can any recorded material be converted?

We will transfer any footage that is not restricted by third-party copyright.  We typically convert home video recordings or events such as weddings, graduations, etc.  If a video was professionally produced and bears a copyright symbol, we will not transfer it without written permission from the copyright holder.

What if a VHS tape has broken loose inside its cassette?

Over time, the adhesives used in videocassette manufacturing grow increasingly brittle, which occasionally results in the magnetic tape becoming detached from its transparent leader.  If this happens, don't panic!  We can usually effect repairs that will allow us to salvage most if not all of the recording.

What does it cost to have this done?

The fee for the transfer service is $25 per hour of raw video.  A one hour minimum charge applies, regardless of length.

Additional services are billed at a rate of $25 per studio hour.

Please contact us with any questions or to arrange for pickup or delivery of your tape(s).

We transferred this 2003 video from VHS tape for Encore Dance Studio.