Somewhere Else

Angie is looking for a way out.

But Rose won't go with her, and trouble has a habit of following Jimmy.

When Vince Ellis drifts into town, Angie will do anything to make him her ticket out. Anything.

What she doesn't know is Ellis has a secret. And Rose has a problem. And Jimmy has a very, very short fuse...

In a sudden burst of violence, Angie's world is shattered. As Ellis and Jimmy go on the run and Rose fights for survival, Angie realizes that life is what happens right here, right now, and not somewhere else.

Filmed entirely on location in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Somewhere Else is a glimpse behind the veil of a small town.

Running time is 93 minutes. Contact us to purchase the DVD.

Our second feature film, Somewhere Else was shot, edited and printed on 16mm film. Completed in 1999, the film starred Christine Sparks and Ronald D. Beckner, the latter playing his second leading role for director Michael Alderman.