Alan Bean:

Artist, Explorer, Moonwalker

In November of 1969, Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean became the fourth human being to set foot on the moon. Upon returning to earth, he employed his artist's eye to create a series of paintings that illustrated this incredible voyage.

In this program, recorded more than 30 years after the original mission, Captain Bean shares colorful anecdotes surrounding his adventure as Apollo 12's lunar module pilot. His presentation, recorded before a live audience in Cannon Beach, Oregon, was then supplemented with NASA photos, archival footage and Bean's own original artwork.

Captain Bean's description of his extraordinary experience - shared only by a select few individuals in the entire history of human existence - is intellectually inspiring and emotionally stirring, providing the viewer with an enlightened perspective of our uniquely beautiful and fragile world.

The running time is 24 minutes. Contact us to purchase the DVD.