A Supernatural Mystery

People are vanishing without a trace from a small, riverside town and newcomer Eddie Hooper seems to be the only one concerned about it. Intrigued by stories of beautiful and reclusive Veronica Chandler - who may or may not be involved in the disappearances - Eddie ignores repeated warnings from a jaded police detective and begins to investigate. The key to the mystery could lie in a century-old shipwreck, but as Eddie pieces together the puzzle it becomes clear his obsession with Veronica might well make him the next victim. Driven by secrets of his own, Eddie is lured ever deeper into the dark world lurking beneath the town’s placid surface to confront the ghostly remains of its wicked past.

HAUNTED SHORE (formerly titled CRIMPS) is a supernatural thriller motion picture, containing elements of horror and mystery. The third feature for writer/director Michael Alderman, HAUNTED SHORE follows Eddie Hooper (Walt Plummer) through a twisting labyrinth of suspense – involving ghosts, witchcraft and an old curse – that will keep audiences guessing right up until the shocking conclusion.

Although set in present day, the story is based in part on the historical practice of “shanghaiing” – or illegally conscripting sailors through coercion and violence – which was popular in coastal towns during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. HAUNTED SHORE was filmed on location in Astoria, Oregon, once counted among the most notorious shanghaiing ports in the United States. Today, Astoria is famously known as the picturesque setting for many Hollywood features, including The Ring 2, Kindergarten Cop, and The Goonies.

A solid supporting cast includes veteran actors Marcella Laasch (The Painted City, Crackin’ the Code, Dark Crimes), Briana Ledford (Arctic Sounds, Field Guide to November Days), Hollie Olson (The Innocent, James vs. Reality), Frank DiMarco (Purple Mind, The Imaginals), Todd Robinson (The Weather Outside, Hope, American Disciples), and Jerry Buxbaum (The Kill Hole, Something Wicked). The “undead” were designed by special effects makeup artist Christina Kortum, whose filmography includes Nightscape, Shiver, The Terror Experiment, and NBC’s “Grimm” among many others. The original music score was composed by Tylor Neist and performed by an orchestra of professional musicians playing real string, brass and woodwind instruments.

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