Partial List of Credits

Michael Alderman


2023 "Under Liberty" Short Film (Liberty Theatre Astoria) (grip, sound recordist)

2023 Scandinavian Immigrant Interviews (Astoria Scandinavian Heritage Association) (videographer, editor)

2022 The Out-Patientz Concert (videographer, editor)

2020 "A Christmas Carol" (Coaster Theatre Playhouse) (videographer, editor)

2018 "The Mortuary Collection" (Trapdoor Pictures) (art dept. assistant)

2017 "Unpresidented" (Ganglebot Films) (key grip/electric)

2014 "Dread Drunk" (Ganglebot Films) (key grip/electric, B-camera operator)

2014 "The Last Kind" (TV Pilot) (actor)

2014 "Margaret and Joe" (Still Workin' On It Productions) (key grip/electric)

2014 Sumner College Commercial (Two Hearts Productions) (key grip/electric, actor)

2014 "Deep Dark" (Polluted Pictures) (actor)

2013 "Dead Drunk" (Ganglebot Films) (key grip/electric)

2013 "SumoFit" (Twelve Moon Productions) (videographer, editor)

2012 "Bad Signs" (We'll Fix It In Post Productions) (key grip)

2012 "The Hot Rod" (Wheatgrinder Films) (location sound recordist)

2011 "Haunted Shore" (91 min. HD feature) (writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor)

2010 "The Making of a Cult Classic: The Unauthorized Story of The Goonies" (Oxygen Productions) (interviewee)

2009 Pepsi promo (Protagonist) (production assistant)

2009 Toyota Commercial (Damon) (production assistant)

2008 "The Road" (2929 Productions) (EPK audio assistant)

2007 Deadliest Catch Series, Season 3 (Original Productions) (videographer)

2002 “Alan Bean: Artist/Explorer/Moonwalker” (23 min.) (co-producer, videographer, editor)

2000 “Got Candy?” (5:37) (writer, director, co-producer, videographer, editor)

2000 Search and Rescue Series: Episode 1 (Perpetual Motion Films) (videographer, production assistant)

1999 “Somewhere Else” (93 min. 16mm feature) (writer, director, co-producer, cinematographer, editor)

1997 “The Gigabyte Trilogy” (Krogstad Films) (grip/electrician)

1997 Ken Burns’ “Lewis & Clark” (PBS) (production assistant)

1997 The Great Ships Series: “Coast Guard Ships” Episode (Perpetual Motion Films) (production assistant)

1993 “Herstory: Women’s Diaries from the Oregon Trail” (51 min.) (videographer, editor)

1990 “The Mind of the Circle” (63 min.) (writer, director, co-producer, cinematographer, editor)

1990 Fort Clatsop Explorer Skills Demonstration Video (National Parks Service) (production assistant)

1988 “Heartbeat of America” Chevy Truck Commercials (Dennis, Guy & Hirsch) (production assistant)

1987 “King Cole’s Party” (Millennium Pictures) (pre-production assistant, video assist operator, apprentice editor)

1986 “With This Ring...” (24 min.) (writer, director, co-producer, videographer, editor)



2023 "Sleuth" (director, lighting + sound + set designer, videographer)

2023 "Macbeth" (lighting designer)

2023 "Don Giovanni" (technical director)

2023 "Dirty Blonde" (lighting designer, videographer)

2023 "Sherwood" (lighting designer, set construction, videographer)

2023 "Tiny Beautiful Things" (lighting designer, videographer)

2023 "Sylvia" (lighting designer, set construction, videographer)

2023 "Enchanted April" (lighting designer, actor)

2023 "Suite Surrender" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2023 "The Waverly Gallery" (lighting designer, videographer)

2023 "Guilty Conscience" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2023 "Simple Salmon: Subtitle Undetermined" (contributing writer, lighting engineer, videographer)

2022 "The Twelve Dates of Christmas" (lighting designer, videographer)

2022-2021, 2019-1999, 1997, 1995-91 “The Nutcracker” Ballet (lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "Scrooge! The Musical" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "Gramercy Ghost" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "Clue: The Musical" (lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "An Interview" & "The Actor's Nightmare" (set construction, lighting designer, actor)

2022 "The Banshee" Opera (technical director)

2022 "Murder on the Orient Express" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "Birds of a Feather" (set + lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "Barefoot in the Park" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "Stupid Fucking Bird" (lighting designer, actor)

2022 "Art" (lighting designer, videographer)

2022 "The 39 Steps" (director, lighting + sound + set designer, videographer)

2022 "Simple Salmon: The Re-Spawning" (contributing writer, lighting designer, videographer)

2021 "A Christmas Carol" (director, lighting designer, videographer)

2021 "The Weir" (lighting + set designer, actor)

2021 "The Old Maid and the Thief" Opera (lighting engineer)

2021 "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2020 "Play On!" (set construction, lighting designer)

2020 "A Bench In the Sun" (lighting designer, videographer)

2019 "Annie" (lighting designer, videographer)

2019 "The Savannah Sipping Society" (lighting designer, videographer)

2019 "Henceforward" (lighting + set designer, video production/engineering)

2019 "Nunsense" (lighting designer, videographer)

2019 "And Then There Were None" (director, lighting + sound + set designer, videographer)

2019 "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (lighting designer)

2019 "Bunbury" (lighting designer, videographer)

2019 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (actor)

2019 "Living On Love" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2019 "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2018 "The Wizard of Oz" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2018 "Deathtrap" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2018 "The Musical of Musicals" (lighting designer, videographer)

2018 "Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery" (lighting designer, videographer)

2018 "The Odd Couple" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2018 "See How They Run" (lighting designer)

2018 "Noises Off" (director, lighting & set designer, videographer)

2018 "Peter Pan" (lighting designer)

2018 "Fit To Kill" (lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "A Christmas Carol" (lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "The Turn of the Screw" (actor)

2017 "The Birds" (lighting designer)

2017 "Blithe Spirit" (lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "Clue: The Musical" (lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "Steel Magnolias" (lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "Barefoot in the Park" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "The Mousetrap" (set construction, lighting designer, videographer)

2017 "All In the Timing" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "It's a Wonderful Life" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "Barefoot in the Park" (lighting designer)

2016 "Don't Dress for Dinner" (director, lighting & set designer, videographer)

2016 "Let's Murder Marsha" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "9 to 5" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "The Armed Man" Symphony (still imagery projectionist)

2016 "The Fourposter" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "Twelve Angry Men" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "The Apple Tree" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "Dead Guilty" (lighting designer, videographer)

2016 "Waiting for Godot" (lighting designer, videographer)

2015 "Once Upon a Mattress" (lighting designer, videographer)

2015 "True West" (lighting designer)

2015 "Bell, Book, and Candle" (lighting designer, videographer)

2015 "Little Shop of Horrors" (lighting designer, videographer)

2015 "It Could Be Any One of Us" (lighting designer, videographer)

2015 "Mixed Emotions" (lighting designer, videographer)

2015 "Murder On the Nile" (actor, lighting designer)

2015 "'Night Mother" (lighting designer, videographer)

2014 "Beauty and the Beast" (lighting designer, videographer)

2014 "The Foreigner" (lighting designer)

2014 "Twelfth Night" (lighting designer, videographer)

2014 "The 39 Steps" (lighting designer, videographer)

2014 "Into the Woods" (lighting designer, videographer)

2014 "The Boys Next Door" (actor, videographer)

2014 "Present Laughter" (lighting designer, videographer)

2014 "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" (lighting designer)

2014 "A Doll's House" (lighting designer, videographer)

2013 "White Christmas" (lighting designer, videographer)

2013 "Sight Unseen" (actor)

2013 "Gramercy Ghost" (lighting designer, videographer)

2013 "A Wind Between the Houses" (actor)

2012 "Scrooged in Astoria" (lighting designer)

2012 "Political Suicide" (director)

2012 "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (lighting designer, videographer)

2012 "Spellbinders" (director)

2011 "Almost, Maine" (actor)

2010 "The Monkey's Paw" (lighting & sound operator)

2010 "Glengarry Glen Ross" (actor)

2010 "Vesta" (actor)

2009 "Night Watch" (actor, lighting engineer)

2007 "Don't Dress for Dinner" (lighting designer)

2007 "On Golden Pond" (lighting engineer/operator)

2006 “The Return of the Never-Before-Seen Thing From the Sea” (writer, director, lighting & sound designer, videographer)

2006 “A Separate Peace” (lighting engineer/operator)

2006 “A Space for Light” dance/music concert (lighting & sound operator)

2006 “Misery” (lighting & sound designer, videographer)

2005 “Enchanted April” (actor)

2005 “The Mystery of Marie Roget” (writer, director, lighting designer, videographer)

2004 “My Three Angels” (director, lighting designer)

2004 “Sometimes a Great Motion” dance concert (lighting & sound designer/operator)

2004 “Trifles” (actor, lighting engineer)

2004 “Crossing Delancy” (lighting engineer/operator)

2004 “Hedda Gabler” (actor)

2003 “Jack & Jill” (lighting/sound designer, videographer)

2003 “Macbeth” (actor)

2002 “Miracle on 34th Street” (lighting designer)

2002 “Angry Housewives” (lighting designer)

2002 “Lonely Planet” (lighting designer)

2002 "Simple Salmon Goes Fourth" (director, contributing writer, lighting & sound & set designer, videographer) [wrote "The Good Boy" - Second Place winner in writing competition]

2002 “Talk Radio” (director, actor)

2001 “It’s a Wonderful Life” (director, lighting & sound & set designer)

2001 “Bridge to Terabithia” (sound effects designer)

2001 “Simple Salmon 3” Sketch Comedy (director, contributing writer, lighting & sound & set designer, videographer) [wrote “Coffee Break” - First Place winner in writing competition]

2001 “Don’t Dress for Dinner” (director)

2000 “Lysistrata” (sound operator)

2000 “The Sweet Scent of Apples” (lighting designer, videographer)

2000 “Kyklos” Dance Performance (lighting & sound designer/operator)

2000 “Rhinoceros” (actor)

2000 “Social Security” (actor)

2000 “Simple Salmon 2” Sketch Comedy (director, contributing writer, lighting & sound designer, videographer) [wrote “Getting Lucky” - Third Place winner in writing competition]

2000 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (actor)

1999 “The Love Course” (director)

1999 “The Bridge”/“Out At Sea” (lighting engineer)

1999 "Simple Salmon" Sketch Comedy (contributing writer, lighting designer, videographer) [wrote "Just Another Casualty" - First Place winner in writing competition]

1999 “The Last Night of Ballyhoo” (actor)

1998 “Road to Nowhere” (writer, director, lighting & sound & set designer, videographer)

1998 Columbia River Repertory Theater Summerstock (lighting designer/ operator): “Dancing at Lughnasa”, “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)”, “Three Viewings”, “Crow and Weasel”, “Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show”

1998 “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune” (lighting designer/operator)

1998 “Grace & Glorie” (director)

1997 “Hitchin’” (lighting designer/operator)

1997 “An Inspector Calls” (actor)

1997 “Vita & Virginia” (lighting & sound designer/operator)

1997 “Gypsy” (lighting operator)

1997 “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll” (actor)

1996 “The Circle” (actor)

1996 “The Sunshine Boys” (actor)

1995 “The Second Time Around” (actor, lighting operator)

1995 “Oliver” (lighting designer/operator)

1993 “Cinderella” (lighting designer/operator)

1992 “The Wizard of Oz” (lighting & sound designer/operator)

1991 “A Place of My Own” (writer, director, lighting & sound & set designer, videographer)

1990 “Laundry and Bourbon/Lone Star” (lighting & sound operator)

1990 “42nd Street” (lighting operator)

1990 “A Company of Wayward Saints” (lighting designer/operator)

1990 “You Can’t Take It With You” (lighting & sound operator)

1989 “Fiddler on the Roof” (lighting operator)

1984 “Absence of a Cello” (lighting & sound operator)


Representation: David Baird, Kinetic Management, Los Angeles (as screenwriter/director); Stacie Overman, Take2, Portland (as actor).

Screenplay "Quarry" shopped by Jonas Barnes at Original Film (The Fast and the Furious series, 21 Jump Street series).

 Screenplay "The Straits" (aka "Malacca") taken to Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks SKG by Dan Jinks & Bruce Cohen (American Beauty, The Forgotten), to Sony Pictures by Craig Anderson (On Golden Pond, The Christmas Shoes).  Also given serious consideration by Heyday Productions (Harry Potter movies).

 Screenplay "Graveyard of the Pacific" taken to Warner Bros. by Robert Lawrence (Die Hard With a Vengeance, The Last Castle), to Sony Pictures by Lauren Lloyd (Drop Zone, Cellular) and Mark Rowen.  Also rewritten under supervision of development exec. at Lightstorm Pictures (Titanic, Avatar).

Author of memoir "Three Weeks With The Goonies: On Location in Astoria, Oregon", published in 2010.

Producer of live-action and animated short-subject films and videos since 1978.

Owner/operator of Michael Alderman Film & Video since 1991.

Producer of more than 60 commercials for cable television insertion.

Lighting/sound engineer for more than 100 concerts, pageants, ceremonies, recitals, festivals, one-act plays and staged readings.

Graphic artist and still photographer.